Who we are

We care about the society in which we live in  and we want to bring value in everything related to our lives and the right to live our lives, in a society that offers us protection, support and the opportunity to develop and put ourselves worth the skills.


With these thoughts, we founded  Victoria Mea Association, in 2019, first as a means of initiating and promoting projects that bring real change in the world, which bring to the forefront the feelings of empathy, solidarity, trust and development. We will write the story over time. And we’ll see where it takes us.

We started this journey out of love, in a difficult moment, but from tumultuous experiences, the purest soul comes to the surface. Together with more confidence and courage. So, we will continue to engage in projects that need courage, dedication and a lot of love.

My Victory is also Your Victory!

What we do

Our programs

By becoming a member of  Victoria Mea Association, you can be part of an interesting movement, with a responsible approach, safe and adapted to the needs of Romanians. This movement includes leaders in several fields, such as education, research, innovation, medicine, the cannabis industry, cannabis-based treatments, the associative environment, marketing, financial services and small business.



Victoria Mea Association, founded in 2019, aims to initiate, carry out, promote, support projects, programs, activities in the medical, social and cultural field, as well as in the field of education.


You are on this page because you have heard of us. You already know what we've done so far in a short time. But what will we do in the future? Join us and put your shoulder to the work...


We started this journey out of love. Out of Alexandra's love for her mother, Victoria. . Alexandra lost her mother physically, but Victoria's sacrifice and suffering became the banner of the fight...

"You are the master of your own decisions and you have the right to choose the path you want to follow, for an extra quality of life and for trust, courage and love! My Victory is Our Victory since I tried to break down any obstacle to keep my mother with me, alive .. Everything has a meaning that if we do not understand, at least honor it in the purest way possible: doing good to those who need our help. ”
Alexandra Cârstea
Founding president of the association Victoria Mea

Our mission

VICTORIA MEA Association is the association that gives voice, face and action to big projects that concern our lives.

Through the campaign for the legalization of medical cannabis in Romania, Victoria Mea Association offers a responsible and representative voice for the Romanian cannabis industry. Our innovative programs and events promote the creation of important networks and information in development, education, operations, regulations, research and information.

Our Commitment

To provide members with the highest quality services and results we are dedicated to ensuring that our members have the best possible experience, have access to the latest information in the industry, create learning and networking opportunities to bring cohesion and good practice to all,  while improving industry, education, research and entrepreneurship.

Our partners



Become a member of  Victoria Mea Association and become part of an important movement in our history.

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